Beltway Happenings  
Sept. 10, 2008--Former Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul brought together the major third party and Independent candidates for an event at the National Press Club.  Arguing that there is little difference between the major party candidates, Paul urged voters to consider voting for a non-establishment candidate.  "We represent the majority; we deserve to be heard," Paul stated. ["The American Majority"
     Paul said that candidates who are on the ballot in states with enough electoral votes to win should be allowed to participate in the debates.  He also revealed that the McCain campaign had contacted him the day before about a possible endorsement, but said that he had not been persuaded by the argument that McCain "would do a little less harm than the other candidate."
     Green Party nominee former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, and Independent candidate Ralph Nader all spoke.  Libertarian nominee Bob Barr was expected, and a chair was ready for him, but he did not appear. 

     Despite their differences, the candidates agreed to a set of goals in the areas of foreign policy, privacy, the national debt, and the Federal Reserve.  ["We Agree"].

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