Beltway Happenings 
Dec. 12, 2008--Today Jim Warlick opened Political Americana's Inaugural Store at 15th Street and New York Avenue, N.W., in the location of the former AAA office near the White House.  Visitors can get their photos taken at an exact replica of the "Resolute" desk with a cardboard cutout of Obama standing nearby, and at the presidential podium (a total of three photos for ten dollars).  The 5,000-square foot store stocks a wide variety of memorabilia, apparel and buttons; customers can even get buttons personalized with their names.  About 20 people are working in the store.  Warlick has been hawking inaugural materials since the 1980 Reagan inauguration when he stood on 3rd Street and sold buttons.  He also runs the American Presidential Experience, traveling exhibits which include replicas of Air Force One and the Oval Office.  He plans to sell inaugural items at this store until March, when he will renovate it to sell high end political materials.
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