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Jan. 22, 2009--Deborah Smith and Vanessa Howard ran the Everything Obama Store at 1515 U Street, N.W. for a week-plus around the Inauguration.  They started out selling from a table in front of a Bank of America in Los Angeles about three weeks before Election Day.  That grew into a full fledged operation, and they realized, "If we could do this there in front of the Bank of America, think of the opportunity we would have in front of millions."  They  called a couple of realtors, and a sister scoped out the location, which is not far from such institutions as Ben's Chili Bowl and Cake Love.  Among other items they ordered 200 teddy bears, 1,000 blankets and 2,000 binoculars.  Smith and Howard shipped about a hundred boxes, flew in on Jan. 12 and opened on Jan. 14.  Smith estimated that through the 22nd about 5,000 people from all over the world had visited the store.  She said the 21st was the busiest day and bling shirts seemed to be selling the best.  

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