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Jan. 18, 2009--The ManifestHope: DC space at 3333 M Street NW in Georgetown brought together an impressive collection of Obama-inspired art. 
(Top right)  Painting by Justin Hampton (Portland, OR).
Aaron Axelrod and his portrait of Obama (goache on panel, 4' x 3').
Etch-A-Sketch by George Vlosich. >
Van Taylor Monroe (Cleveland, OH).  Obama Sneaker "Fabric of a Leader," 2009.  Acrylic paint on leather shoes.
Tristan Eaton (Brooklyn, NY).  The Thundervote Bike, 2009.  Professional grade Track Bike.  Dolan frame, head disk, acrylic urethane, dimension variable.  $6000
Julianne Walther (Cary, NC).  Hope in Cotton, 2008.  Cotton and thread.  36 x 24 inches.  NFS  [Note this was inspired by the poster by Amy Martin, Los Angeles-based graphic designer and illustrator.

Felix Jackson, Jr. (Tallahassee, FL).  A Guy Named Barack, 2009.  Acrylic on canvas. 36 x 27 inches.  $750

Decoy (Washington, DC).  La Familia-Golden, 2009.  Acrylic latex and oil pain on canvas. 60 x 60 inches.  $1500

Amanda Gentry, Andy Keene, Sol Sender.

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