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Jan. 29, 2009--Solomon Yue, Republican National Committeeman from Oregon, is supporting the current chairman Mike Duncan.  Yue said Duncan is "a very capable chairman."  He pointed to Duncan's fundraising success and said Duncan shares the same conservative principles and "has a vision of how to turn this ship around."  Asked if Duncan could be blamed for Republican setbacks in 2008, Yue said  Duncan's role was essentially that of a caretaker or executive director while President Bush and then John McCain, as the nominee, headed the party.
Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis has made much of his tech saavy.  He has a small team people sending out reports from the meeting including Bill Nowling, whose day job is communications director of the Michigan party.  Explaining his support for Anuzis, NJ GOP state chair Tom Wilson pointed to similarities between Michigan and New Jersey said Anuzis has "more front line experience."  Wilson said Anuzis is "accessible and known to all the members."

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