PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President
5,000 Oregonians, Five Hosts, the Register-Guard, One Candidate, All Asking: Where's Our Debate?

PORTLAND, OR - In just five days, more than 5,000 Oregonians have signed an on-line petition at urging Sen. Barack Obama to join Hillary Clinton in Oregon for two presidential primary debates. Five respected organizations have offered to host an event. And today, the Register-Guard, which earlier endorsed Obama for President, said that "One or more Oregon debates between the two Democratic contenders would be useful to voters in Oregon, the West and throughout the nation."

"Senator Obama is currently spending millions on television ads across our state. Certainly he can spare a day or two to let Oregonians know what he believes beyond his 30-second ads. Just like the Oregon Voters Pamphlet, debates are a wise and time-honored tradition of Oregon's democracy. We have sponsors and we have Oregon support--the only roadblock to historic Oregon debates is Senator Obama."

Last week, Hillary Clinton released the Oregon Compact, an 11-point detailed policy proposal designed to address a number of the specific Federal issues facing Oregon. (Details on the Compact can be found at .

Hillary simultaneously invited Obama to join her in Oregon for two debates - one focused on rural issues.

Media, political, government and academic institutions around the state and nationally have already offered to host the event, including:

Oregonians who support efforts to give the state a voice in the primary process are urged to sign the petition a