PRESS RELEASE from Tommy Thompson for President

Thompson to Participate in YouTube Debate

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July 27, 2007 
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Des Moines – Tommy Thompson's campaign announced today it is willing to participate in the CNN/YouTube debate.

“We'll answer questions from any American who wants to ask one and that includes one dressed up like a snowman.   Mayor Giuliani and Senator McCain seem more interested in finding reasons to pass up opportunities to address Americans than finding opportunities to engage in debate,” said Steve Grubbs, Senior National Advisor for the Thompson Presidential campaign.

McCain and Giuliani have expressed reservations about participating in a YouTube debate due to the questions and questioners allowed to participate.

“Governor Thompson will visit his 99th county in Iowa this week. He is taking his message directly to voters and answering questions to all who want to ask.  Whether its YouTube or Blue Grass, Iowa, Tommy Thompson is ready to take on all questions,” said Grubbs.