Politics at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair
Delegates and reporters in town for the Republican National Convention had the opportunity to enjoy the 2008 Minnesota State Fair which ran from Aug. 21-Sept. 1.  None of the presidential candidates made it to the Fair in 2008 -- in 2004 both John Kerry, the Democratic nominee, and Vice President Dick Cheney made stops -- but there was still plenty of politicking at party and candidate booths spread throughout the fairgrounds.  Reported attendance for the 12 days of the Fair was 1,693,533. 




*Results of the Sept. 9 U.S. Senate primaries:  Sen. Norm Coleman won the Republican primary with over 90% of the vote.  Al Franken won the DFL primary, gaining 65.3% to 29.7% for Priscilla Lord Faris.  Seven candidates sought Independence Party nomination; Dean Barkley won the primary with 58.9% of the vote.  Jack Uldrich finished second with 12.4%; Darryl Stanton was sixth with 5.5%.
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