PRESS RELEASE from Bill Richardson for President Exploratory Committee, Inc.

Revised: Richardson Announces New Hampshire Steering Committee

For Immediate Release
May 17, 2007 

Contact: Katie Roberts

MANCHESTER, NH -Today, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson announced the formation of his New Hampshire State Steering Committee. The committee includes elected officials, Democratic activists, members of the business and professional community, and community leaders from around the state. The committee will act as a base of support for Richardson's Presidential campaign throughout the state of New Hampshire.

"I am thrilled to have such a diverse and active group of New Hampshire individuals supporting my candidacy," said Governor Richardson. "The Granite State is built on grassroots activism and retail politics, and there is no doubt that my Steering Committee is composed of people who will work hard in the coming months in every corner of the state to get my message of change and hope to the voters of New Hampshire."

Last month, Richardson announced the co-chairs of the Steering Committee, which include: New Hampshire State Representative Candace Bouchard, Democratic activist Dick Bouley, former New Hampshire Democratic Party State Chair Jeff Woodburn, and former New Hampshire Commissioner of Labor Jim Casey.

The New Hampshire State Steering Committee for Bill Richardson includes:

Co-Chair NH State Representative Candace Bouchard (Concord)
Co-Chair Democratic Activist Dick Bouley (Concord)
Co-Chair Former NHDP State Chair Jeff Woodburn (Whitefield)
Co-Chair Former NH Commissioner of Labor Jim Casey (Dover)
State Representative Eileen Ehlers - Former Family Therapist (Hooksett)
State Representative Armand Forest - Alderman (Manchester)
State Representative Dana Hilliard - Teacher (Somersworth)
State Representative Scott Merrick - Student (Lancaster)
State Representative Steve Spratt - Business Consultant (Greenville)
State Representative John Knowles (Hudson)
State Representative Mary Ann Knowles (Hudson)
State Representative Tara Reardon (Concord)
Grafton County Commissioner Mike Cryans - Executive Director, Headrest (Hanover)
Manchester Welfare Commissioner Paul Martineau (Manchester)
Former State Representative Gloria Seldin (Concord)
Former Cheshire County Commissioner Richard Daschbach (Exeter)
Ron Abramson - Attorney, Hispanic activist (Concord)
David Allen - Air traffic controller (Milford)
Bruce Hutchings - Pilot (Lancaster)
Alex Koutroubas - Government Affairs specialist (Concord)
Greta Moran - Former Hillsborough Democratic County Chair (Merrimack)
Pat Moran - Former Vice President, American Postal Workers Union (Merrimack)
Seamus Regan - School Board Member (Manchester)
George Sykes - Former Fire fighter, Lebanon Town Democrats Chair (Lebanon)
Jayne Buckley Sykes - Retired pharmacist (Lebanon)
Dr. Brad Taylor - Veterinarian (Boscawen)
Roger Weinrich - Small Business Owner (Keene)
Ernesto Sagas (Manchester)
Gustavo Moral (Manchester)
Michael Contarino - Professor (Nottingham)
Steve Bachelder - Insurance professional (Nashua)
Phil Grandmaison - Social service project manager (Nashua)
Jack Perron - Entrepreneur (Peterborough)
Roger Stephenson - Environmentalist (Stratham)
Amanda Grady - Former Chair of the New Hampshire Young Democrats (Concord)

Additions to the committee will be announced as they occur.