PRESS RELEASE from Richardson for President
For Immediate Release
October 21, 2007
 Contact: Alex Goepfert

Former Ambassador and Former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman George Bruno Endorses Richardson
Another respected Granite State leader adds his voice to Richardson campaign

RINDGE, NH-- New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson today gained the endorsement of another well-known Granite State leader, Ambassador and Former New Hampshire Party Chairman George Bruno. Bruno will join the Richardson campaign as a national Senior Policy Advisor, with a special emphasis on international policy and military issues.

Bruno cited Richardson's deep reservoir of experience and his plan for getting out of Iraq and refocusing US efforts on the fight against Al-Qaeda as the key factors behind his decision.

"Bill Richardson is the only candidate with a vision for real change and the experience to make that vision a reality," Ambassador Bruno said. "Bill Richardson stands alone as the only Presidential candidate committed to getting all U.S. troops out of Iraq and doing so quickly. He would leave zero residual forces behind to serve as targets in a civil war. Bill Richardson has been in the negotiating rooms. He has faced off with some of the world's worst dictators and brought hostages and servicemen home. When the chips are down, I want Bill Richardson in the Oval Office.

"Governor Richardson opposes the Bush administration policies on torture and wiretapping the phones of American citizens. He supports preserving the constitutional right of habeas corpus. In other words, he supports the restoration of the rule of law at home, as well as making it a principal part of U.S. foreign policy.

"The fact that Bill Richardson is the successful governor of a traditionally Republican state is a major plus, tells me he knows how to get things done across party lines, and can help restore civility to politics in the U.S."

George Bruno has broad experience in New Hampshire politics. Bruno has been Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party (1983-87), a member of the Democratic National Committee (1983-96), New Hampshire Co-Chair of the 1988 Al Gore for President campaign, and New Hampshire Co-Chair of the 1992 Clinton for President campaign. Bruno served as New Hampshire Co-Chair of General Wesley Clark's Presidential campaign in 2004.

Bruno served as U.S. Ambassador to Belize from 1994-97. He went on to serve as Senior Advisor in the Army's international office at the Pentagon, where he worked with NATO Allies and Partners for Peace in Eastern Europe to establish cooperation and civil military emergency planning systems. In recent years, Bruno has practiced immigration law nationwide and has worked with leaders in Macedonia, Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Georgia to promote their transition to democracy.