Richardson Supporters On the Web: Early Activity
Yahoo group
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Draft Richardson Committtee-Nevada
Dec. 21, 2006 press release.

Richardson Brings Hope
A very professional looking site launched in January 2007.   By Ken Bulko (NY), Marsha Kelly (MN), Michelle Lindsey (CO), Cara Valente-Compton (NM) and Charles Compton (NM).

America for Richardson
"Growing the Netroots for Bill Richardson President 2008"
"America for Richardson is an open-source online community of Bill Richardson for President supporters.  The community allows us to organize online, discuss the Presidential campaign, and organize offline meetings.  The best way to get involved here is to jump on in.  First register, and then just blogging, commenting, and getting into the mix.  Hopefully we'll start talking about how we can start pulling together Richardson supporters in our own communities, but that's down the road."

America for Richardson was founded by Ken Bulko of Niskayuna, New York, Jeff Gulko of Virginia, and Emmett O’Connell of Olympia, Washington in October 2005. (more)

Of note:  The section "...for Richardson blogs" has content other Richardson blogs can pick up: "Richardson seeks solutions for regular people's pocketbooks," "Richardson — Best résumé of any potential Democratic presidential candidate," "Richardson Talks," "Richardson Gets Positive Review in the Denver Post," "Vote for Richardson"

The Bill Richardson Blog
"Bill Richardson is the Democratic Governor of New Mexico.  He's a good one.  In our opinion, he'd be an even better President.  Primary season is practically around the corner!  Let us convince you."

By Ian and Andrea. First substantial posting: October 2, 2005 by Ian "Iowa and New Hampshire Get Company"  (more)

Mostly Derivative Content: These three state-specific sites were looked at on April 25, 2006; the most recent postings all originated from the America for Richardson site.
Missouri for Bill Richardson:
Jiminy, Student, Age 22.  Has another blog "My dad was a milk truck driver" launched in Feb. 2005.  According to that blog he is to graduate from the University of Missouri on May 13, 2006 with B.A.'s in Journalism in Advertising and Political Science.

First postings: March 2, 2006 "Bill Richardson for President" (introductory) and "Richardson ensures every vote counts"
Most recent posting: April 25, 2006 "Richardson seeks solutions for regular people's pocketbooks" [directly from America for Richardson]

Texas for Richardson:
Sara, Teaching Assistant, Age 23.  "I am a socially liberal/fiscally moderate independent.  I am from California, lived in Arizona, and currently live in Texas.  I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2005 with a degree in Biology and am now seeking my Master's in Environmental Sciences at the University of North Texas.  I am a strong supporter of popular New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for President and popular former Virginia Governor Mark Warner for Vice President."

First posting: February 13, 2006 "Ideas for 2006 ...From America for Richardson"
Most recent posting: April 23, 2006 "Richardson — Best résumé of any potential Democratic presidential candidate" [directly from America for Richardson]

Washington for Richardson:
Ken Camp, Legislative Assistant, Age 32.  "I am a 32 year old legislative staffer living in Tumwater, Washington."  Has another blog "The View from the Left" ( launched in Sept. 2005.

First postings: February 6, 2006 "A Profile In Leadership: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson,"  "New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's State of the State Address,"  "The Case For Bill Richardson," and "Welcome."
Most recent posting: April 20, 2006 "Richardson Gets Positive Review in the Denver Post" [directly from America for Richardson]
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