"Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless" 

60-second radio ad run several times on three high-profile radion stations in NH on June 7 or June 8, 2005; also run in NM state-wide on multiple radio stations.

VO: "It's the lifestyles of the rich and famous....

$5.5 million for a brand new jet airplane... (sound of jet noise)

... Three personal chefs.....

Travels with a large entourage of body guards and staff to places like Europe and Las Vegas....(sound of gaming machine)

Gets front row seats to all the best events...and isn't bothered by speed limits....(sound of speeding car)

Who is this high-class showboat?

Is it P-Diddy? Brittany Spears?'s Governor Bill Richardson....

And how does Governor Richardson pay for it all.....

he doesn't - you do...

That's why Bill Richardson has raised taxes by 740 million dollars...and raided our children's permanent fund....

And the most creative way to keep the money rolling in?

Bill Richardson taxes the elderly in nursing homes at $9 a day....that's over $3,000 a year for every patient...

Nursing home patients may have to dig deep to pay the tab....But Governor Richardson just wouldn't be the same without his 5 million dollar jet...(jet noise)

ANNCR: Call Governor Richardson at 827-3000...tell him to stop living the rich and famous lifestyle...on the backs of New Mexico taxpayers...

Paid for by the Republican Party of New Mexico. 

Gov. Richardson was subject of the first attack ad of the 2008 cycle.  This was in the pre-campaign phase, well before the presidential campaign began in earnest, but Richardson was making noises about running and on June 7-8, 2005 he was visiting New Hampshire.  

Gov. Richardson's re-election campaign produced a 60-sec. radio ad in response.  The ad ran in New Mexico but not in New Hampshire; it is included here for balance.

Have you heard the new ad attacking the governor?

It's just not true.

Yes, the state has purchased a new plane.  Because we haven't bought one in almost twenty years.  It's five times safer than a turbo prop.  It saves on fuel and  maintenance so it's the best economic decision for the state.

New Mexico Republican leaders agreed since every Republican legislator voted for it. And it's not the Governor's plane, it's the plane for every state agency.

More facts that matter:

42,000 new jobs under Governor Richardson.

State Revenue up over two hundred million dollars.

Cut taxes, increased teacher pay, put more money into classrooms. And did you know that because of Governor Richardson's strong record of tax cuts, balanced budgets and strong financial management of the state, the conservative CATO Institute ranked Richardson as the most fiscally responsible Democratic Governor in the country? 

Better jobs, better schools and more money in the pockets of New Mexicans.  That's the real record of Bill Richardson.

Paid for by Richardson for Governor.