PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President

February 2, 2008
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Boston, MA Throughout the state of Maine, people have gathered at their local caucus site over the last two days and cast their vote for conservative change in Washington.   With only a few caucus sites left to report tomorrow, Governor Romney issued the following statement concerning his victory in Maine:

"Today, the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington.  All across the state, men and women gathered to help chart the future course of our country.  Tonight, they have made their voice known and have endorsed our conservative vision for a stronger America.  Like many Americans, the people of Maine are tired of Washington promises made but broken.

"The need for change in Washington is even more apparent today.  With our economy facing uncertain times, we need a leader who actually understands how the economy works and how jobs are created.  We also need a leader from outside of Washington who is ready to meet the long-term challenges facing our country.  With a career spent working in the economy, creating jobs, turning around faltering institutions and imposing fiscal discipline, I am ready to bring conservative change to Washington.  In this campaign, I am proud to have the support of the people of Maine."