Governor Romney Announces The Commonwealth PAC Iowa Advisory Committee

June 17, 2006, Des Moines, IA - Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) today announced the creation of The Commonwealth PAC Iowa Advisory Committee that will focus its efforts on assisting Republicans in Iowa as they prepare for the 2006 elections. The Iowa Advisory Committee is composed of fifty distinguished Iowa leaders from all across the state with a vast range of backgrounds.

“This is a superb group of people who have the leadership and experience to support Iowa candidates and Republican organizations in achieving their goals. I appreciate their dedication to the Republican Party and I know our party will have great success in this year’s elections,” said Governor Romney.

The Iowa Advisory Committee includes State Senator Brad Zaun from Urbandale. He said, “I’m pleased to join with Governor Romney in this effort. We have a lot of work to do in Iowa, and with the support and effort from the PAC and from Governor Romney, we’re going to make a real difference in Iowa in 2006.” Senator Zaun is also a former Urbandale mayor and the past President of the Urbandale Chamber.

Joni Scotter a Cedar Rapids Republican activist is also thrilled to join in this effort. “I’m so excited about the upcoming elections. Working for Jim Nussle and Bob Vander Plaats and all of our great Republican candidates is the best thing we can all do as Republicans this year. Governor Romney has been so generous to candidates and county organizations with his PAC,” said Scotter.

Last month Governor Romney welcomed Doug Gross as the Iowa PAC Chairman and the two look forward to working closely with the Iowa Advisory Committee. “This committee is committed to its goal of strengthening the Republican base in Iowa. By joining together, supporting our candidates and county parties, we will be successful in 2006,” said Gross.


The Iowa Commonwealth PAC Advisory Committee:
Kyle Adema  Woodbury County Republican Activist  Woodbury County
Paul Bissinger  Dallas County Activist  Dallas County
Mike Carver  Precinct chair for President Bush in the Urbandale area  Polk County
Steve Cates  Congressman King Staffer  Pottawattamie County
Elaine Christensen  Page County Activist  Page County
John Christensen  Former Page County Republican Chair  Page County
Debi Durham  Chamber President, Former  Lt. Governor Candidate  Woodbury County
Wes Enos  Polk County Supervisor Candidate  Polk County
Joni Ernst  Montgomery County Auditor  Montgomery County
Randy Feenstra  Sioux County Activist  Sioux County
Dennis Freeman Former  Legislator and Story County Business Leader  Story County
Jeff Fuller  Johnson County Activist  Johnson County
Doug Gross  Chairman of the Commonwealth PAC  Polk County
Jon Jacobsen  Pottawattamie County Republican Executive Board  Pottawattamie County
Ben Johnson  College Republican Activist  Johnson County
Sandy Kale  Clarke County Activist  Clarke County
James Kelly  Business leader Polk County
Vonnie Kinkade  Union County Activist  Union County
James Kirkpatrick Fayette County Republican Activist  Fayette County
Kevin Kruse  Union county Republican Co - Chair  Union County
Nick Latinga  Sioux County Republican activist  Sioux County
Kathy Lewis  Dallas Republican Activist  Dallas County
Ruth Long  Union County Republican Treasurer  Union County
Karen McAllister  Fremont County Chair  Fremont County
Sharon McNutt  Mills County Republican Chair  Mills County
Michael Meyer  Dubuque County Republican Activist  Dubuque County
Brenda Miller  Polk County Community Activist  Polk County
Ryan Miller  Polk county Community Activist  Polk County
Dr. Tim  Moran  Former Woodbury Med Society President  Woodbury County
Tim Morgan  Polk County Legislative Candidate  Jasper County
Iris Morrison  Fremont County Activist  Fremont County
Jason Moser  Sioux County Executive Board  Sioux County
Dave Mulder  State Senator  Sioux County
David Overholtzer  Pottawattamie County Chair  Pottawattamie County
Suzanne Overholtzer  Pottawattamie County Republican Women  Pottawattamie County
Kevin Patterson  Black Hawk County Activist  Black Hawk County
Mark Rater  Former Pottawattamie County Chair  Pottawattamie County
Eldon Roth  Business Leader  Woodbury County
Regina Roth  Business Leader  Woodbury County
Connie Schmett  Polk County Activist  Polk County 
Kim Schmett  Former  Party Counsel  Polk County
Matt Schultz  Council Bluffs City Council  Pottawattamie County
Rich Schwarm  Former State Chair  Winnebago County
Joni Scotter  Linn County Activist  Linn County
Jay Sherive  Small Business Owner  Polk County
Nancy Shirk  Dallas Republican Activist, Waukee Chamber of Commerce  Dallas County
Mick Snieder  Orange City Councilman  Sioux County
Mike St. Clair  Polk County Activist  Polk County
Keith Steurer  Johnson County Activist  Johnson County
Bob Stewart  Woodbury County Republican Activist  Woodbury County
Suzan Stewart  Woodbury County Republican Activist  Woodbury County
Melissa Vander Plaats  Polk County Republican Activist  Polk County
Ralph Watts  Dallas County State Representative  Dallas County
Brad Zaun State Senator Polk County