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According to the Census Bureau about 44% of the population is Hispanic, the highest of any state. Native Americans are also an important part of the electorate in New Mexico and lean heavily Democratic.  As of Nov. 3, 2008 in 90 identified precincts with Native Americans (does not include those living in urban areas) registration was Dem. 41,564 (68.45%), Rep. 8,508 (14.01%), Other 1,027 (0.04%), and Decline to State 9,621 (15.84%). 

Four open-seat federal races (the U.S. Senate seat and all three U.S. House seats) created a busy background for the presidential race; Democrats swept all four and the presidential race.
  The Obama-Biden ticket improved upon Kerry-Edwards share of the vote in every county, en route to carrying 18 counties.  In the biggest county, Bernalillo, Obama-Biden achieved a plurality of 61,035 votes (21.36 percentage points) compared to 10,798 votes (4.21 percentage points) for Kerry-Edwards.  Six counties switched from Bush in 2004 to Obama in 2008: Colfax, Hidalgo, Los Alamos, Luna, Sandoval, Valencia.  (See results by county).

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Five Months (June 1-Nov. 4, 2008)
Barack Obama - 4 visits (4 days)
Joe Biden - 1 visit (1 day)
Michelle Obama (solo) - 2 visits (2 day)
Jill Biden (solo) - no visits
John McCain - 7 visits (8 days)
Sarah Palin - 2 visits (3 days)
Cindy McCain (solo) - no visits
Todd Palin (solo) - no visits

Newspaper Endorsements
Farmington Daily Times  (Oct. 26)
Las Cruces Sun-News  (Oct. 18)
Santa Fe New Mexican  (Oct. 4)
Albuquerque Journal  (Nov. 2)   102,902 (97)
Roswell Daily Record  (Oct. 20)
Silver City Daily Press

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