Key People-Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO)
updated November 5, 2007

Headquarters: 501 Church Street, Suite 212, Vienna, VA 22108  (initially in Rosslyn, VA)
Chairman Angela "Bay" Buchanan
(started March 19, 2007 senior advisor/spokesperson)  Commentator for CNN's "The Situation Room and has extensive TV experience ("Inside Politics," "Equal Time"...)  Chair of Team America, political action committee founded by Tancredo.  Chaired her brother Pat Buchanan's three campaigns for president.  Ran for treasurer of the state of California in 1990.  Treasurer of the United States, 1981-83.  National treasurer on Ronald Reagan's 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns.  B.A. in mathematics from Rosemont College (Philadelphia), 1971; M.A. in mathematics from McGill University (Montreal), 1973.
Campaign Manager Tim Haley
Haley built up the exploratory committee for the first couple of months, then stepped away from the campaign, and later returned.  Experience includes political director on Buchanan 2000.
Press Secretary Alan Moore
(started March 2007 as Deputy Press Secretary)  Prior to the campaign, Moore  worked as a consultant with Sigma Pi Fraternity for a year and a half.  B.A. in political science from the Christopher Newport University, 2005.
Scheduler/Correspondence Director Kristin Murray

Office Manager Rachel Lowen


Headquarters:  217 Welch Ave., Suite 102, Ames.
Campaign Manager Bill Salier
(Jan. 29, 2007)  Farmer from Nora Springs.  Ran for U.S. Senate in 2002, but defeated in the primary by Greg Ganske.  B.S. in ag. business from Iowa State University,
1995.  Former Marine; served in Somalia.

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Headquarters: Waumbec Mill, 250 Commercial Street, Suite 3020, Manchester.
Campaign Manager Shelly Uscinski
(reported by John DiStaso in "The Granite Status" on Jan. 18, 2007)  Campaign manager on Pat Buchanan's NH primary campaign in 1999 (announced April 7, 1999) and continued with him on the Reform Party ticket.  Chairman of New Hampshire Christian Coalition.  Buchanan delegate to the 1996 Republican convention in San Diego.  Elected to the Merrimack School Board in May 1994 and served through 1997; was part of conservative majority.

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Mike Tate-blogger
Isaac Stewart-fundraising director
Tyler Whitney-correspondence director
Dan Huff-policy director
Ashley Amidon-deputy scheduler
Kyle Holloway-office manager
Press Assistant T.Q. Houlton
Scheduler Ali Johns
Administrative Assistant Tina Cordova
Scheduler/FEC Compliance Sharon Korchnak
Experience includes Treasurer for Team America PAC.

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