Tom Tancredo-Organization, New Hampshire
updated December 22, 2007

Headquarters: Waumbec Mill, 250 Commercial Street, Suite 3020, Manchester.  (signed lease and rec'd keys on Feb. 13, 2007)
Campaign Manager Shelly Uscinski
(reported by John DiStaso in "The Granite Status" on Jan. 18, 2007)  Campaign manager on Pat Buchanan's NH primary campaign in 1999 (announced April 7, 1999) and continued with him on the Reform Party ticket.  Chairman of New Hampshire Christian Coalition.  Buchanan delegate to the 1996 Republican convention in San Diego.  Elected to the Merrimack School Board in May 1994 and served through 1997; was part of conservative majority.
Deputy Campaign Manager Luke Freudenberg
Field staff on Buchanan's 2000 NH primary campaign.  Worked on Jay Lucas' 1998 gubernatorial campaign.  Volunteered for Buchanan in 1996.
Field Director Tim Easson
Served as a state representative from Farmington, NH, 2002-06.  B.A. in political science from Averett University (Danville, VA), 2002.  Volunteered on Buchanan's 2000 NH primary campaign.
Field Representative Evan O'Reilly
Ran for Massachusetts State Representative (2nd Essex) in 2006.  Son of former Boston Bruins player and coach Terry O'Reilly
Field Representative Eric Green
From Concord.

State Rep. Daniel Itse - From Fremont.  Represents Rockingham 9; first elected in 2000.  Engineer.

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