"The Courage To Create Change"
Emphasizing community, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, a moderate Democrat,
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November 29, 30, 2006--Jeff Link, senior communications strategist for Tom Vilsack for President, talks with Carl Cameron of Fox News. 

Question: What is the appeal of Tom Vilsack?

Well he's got a compelling personal story--grew up in an orphanage for the first five months of his life, was adopted to a family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Sort of a troubled upbringing.  His mother faced addiction of alcohol and prescription drugs.  His family separated.  They got back together.  She beat her addiction.  That had a profound impact on his life.  Gave him a feeling of hope and faith.

You know he's got a great record as governor for two terms and he's got some real credentials on energy, energy security.  Iowa's now a renewable fuels leader in America--not just ethanol, soy diesel, wind energy.  So we've done some pretty innovative things in Iowa on energy in the last eight years and it's because of bold policies.  He's going to make bold changes to America if he's President of the United States.

Question: How about in terms of his political philosophy?  Where does he fit in the spectrum?
Well I don't know what labels make sense.  I mean he's fiscally conservative.  He's balanced eight budgets in a row.  Cut taxes almost every year he's been governor and at the same time invested in economic development, invested in education and expanded health care coverage in the state...
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