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Emphasizing community, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, a moderate Democrat,
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Media Coverage of the Vilsack Announcement
"The Hawk Eye in Burlington, Iowa sent two reporters, two photographers, and a reporter with a video camera to the Vilsack announcement. 

"It needs to be understood that we're the dominant paper in Vilsack's area, so this was a biggie story for us.

"Our political reporter, Aimee Tabor, essentially reprised the speech in story form typical coverage of such an event. I wrote a lengthy article about life in Mount Pleasant on the day of the announcement.  That is, what was it like to be there and how did the home folks react.  I had a second article using sources from the campaign, some members of the public and a professor or two to explain five reasons why Vilsack is a legitimate candidate.

"We ran three color photos wide-angle crowd stuff, primarily.  Our photographers also put together a nice Web site slide show with sound excerpts from the speech."

Kiley Miller, Reporter
The Hawk Eye

Media Outlet  Date Description and Placement Reporter/Headline  Photo(s) Photographer/Description
ABC, CBS, NBC Nov. 30 No mention of Vilsack's announcement.  All three networks had their anchors in Amman, Jordan.  The Bush-Al Malaki summit and news about the Baker Commission dominated the broadcasts.
Fox News
"Special Report with Brit Hume"
(Chris Wallace filling in)
Nov. 30 About 31:30 into the broadcast, anchor Chris Wallace introduced a roughly 3 minute piece; included four clips of Vilsack speaking from the speech and one of him being interviewed on the plane to New Hampshire.  Closes with a live shot of Carl Cameron in Merrimack, NH. Reported by chief political correspondent Carl Cameron. In addition to clips of Vilsack from the speech and on the plane, the piece includes scenes of Vilsack at the Nov. 29 potluck, in the Governor's office, and at the Iowa State Fair.
USA Today Dec. 1 Page A6.  6 columns all the way across the page, includes large 3-column photo and small box with bio. details. Jill Lawrence
"First governor says he'll run for president" 
"Iowa's Vilsack, others will face questions on national security"
3-column photo.
Charlie Neibergall, AP
Medium close up of Vilsack speaking.
New York Times
(Washington Final)
Dec. 1 5th item of 6 in "National" listing; includes small head shot. "Presidential Campagn Begins" Small head shot.
Page A22.  4 columns in the lower middle of the page.  Overshadowded by 6-column McCain story across the top of the page. Jeff Zeleny, Washington
"Iowa Governor Is First Democrat to Start Presidential Run"
Small 2-column photo. Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press
Medium wide shot from the side (cut-away) shows Vilsack at the podium speaking and crowd waving signs in the background.
Washington Post Dec. 1 Page A1.  "Inside" box at the bottom of the page has small color photo and blurb. Small color photo. By Scott Morgan-Getty Images
Medium shot shows Vilsack waving amid some confetti
Three columns across the top of page A3 including 2-column photo. Dan Balz Staff Writer, Mount Pleasant
"Iowa Governor Begins His Bid For President"
"Democrat Tom Vilsack Says U.S. Needs 'Bold' Leadership"
2-column photo. By Frank Polich-Reuters
Medium wide shot from the side (cut-away) shows Vilsack at the podium speaking and crowd waving signs in the background.
Los Angeles Times Dec. 1 Page A26.  6 columns all the way across the top of the page, includes 3-column photo and small box with bio. details. Mark Z. Barabak Staff Writer, Mount Pleasant
"Iowa governor enters '08 race as long shot"
"Tom Vilsack is the first Democrat to formally enter the presidential race. 'I've always been an underdog,' he says.
3-column photo. Charlie Neibergall, Associated Press
Medium shot shows Tom and Christie Vilsack waving.
Washington Times Dec. 1 Two columns at the bottom of page A4 including 2-column photo. Reuters 
"Iowa Democrat Vilsack enters '08 presidential race"
2-column photo. Associated Press
Medium wide shot from the side (cut-away) shows Vilsack at the podium speaking and crowd waving signs in the background.

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