Reactions to Gov. Tom Vilsack's Withdrawal from the Presidential Race
February 23, 2007


Following is a statement released today by Senator Hillary Clinton:

“I have been proud to work with Tom Vilsack for years on the challenges facing our country, and I have a deep admiration for both Tom and Christie.

“Tom has made Iowa a leader in renewable energy and created thousands of jobs as one of America's great governors. We share a passion for protecting America’s young people through expanded health care options, early childhood education initiatives and opening the doors to higher education to every American.

“I know he will continue to contribute to the dialogue about how to move America forward.”

From John Edwards' campaign
Statement On Announcement By Governor Tom Vilsack That He Will No Longer Pursue The Democratic Nomination For President

Chapel Hill, North Carolina ­ Senator John Edwards released the following statement today about the announcement by Governor Tom Vilsack that he will no longer seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

"Tom Vilsack is a terrific human being and one of the genuine treasures of our Party, so it is our loss more than his that he has chosen to end his campaign for president.  His record as a leader on critical issues including education, health care, and energy independence makes one thing very clear: Tom has never forgotten where he came from or the people he serves.  He is a powerful voice for the people of Iowa and America, and I am proud to call him a friend.  Elizabeth and I wish Tom, Christie and their entire family the very best life can offer and look forward to working with them in the years ahead to build a country that lives up to its great promise."


DES MOINES - U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today released the following statement on former Governor Tom Vilsack's announcement:

"Tom Vilsack is an outstanding public servant whose initiatives in Iowa on education reform, health care and alternative energy are models from which our entire nation can learn.  More than that, Tom brings a badly needed sense of honor and decency to our politics, and a passionate advocacy for an end to the war in Iraq.  I hope he will continue to speak out in the months and years to come, as his is an important and valued voice."

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Statement on Former Governor Tom Vilsack’s Decision to Withdraw From Democratic Presidential Race

SANTA FE, NM- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson today issued the following statement regarding former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack’s announcement that he is withdrawing from the race for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination:

“While I respect and understand Tom’s decision, he will be missed from the campaign.  He is a good friend, and a man of integrity and tremendous ability.  As Governor, Tom accomplished a great deal for the people of Iowa.  He was a leader among Governors as a former Chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association, and I know that he will continue to be a strong force in the national Democratic Party.”

Statement from IDP Chair Scott Brennan on the Announcement on Former Governor Vilsack Dropping Out of Presidential Race

DES MOINES – Iowa Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan issued the following statement in response to former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack dropping out of the presidential race:

“I want to commend former Governor Vilsack for entering the presidential race.  He showed to the country what this state has known all along that he is a great leader and a role model for all Americans.  He demonstrated on the national stage the values that all Iowans are proud of.  We thank him for his service to our state as State Senator and Governor, and we will continue to seek his counsel as an Iowa and national leader.”


Frontloading of Primary Calendar Continues to Prohibits Smaller, Qualified Candidates from Having Chance to Compete

CONCORD, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan issued the following statement today after learning that Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has withdrawn from the 2008 Presidential contest.

"The field of candidates vying for the Democratic nomination shrunk yet again today with Governor Tom Vilsack's departure.  We still continue to hear nothing from either Party's leadership on what will be done to stop the frontloading of the Primary calendar so candidates can have a chance to raise the funds they need," said Sullivan.  "How many qualified and dynamic leaders do we have to lose in this race before something is done?"

"The Governor and his family spent a lot of time talking to and meeting people all across New Hampshire not only embracing our grassroots process but thriving in it," said Sullivan.  "Governor Vilsack has spent his career fighting for the values and ideals of hard working families in his home state of Iowa and across the country. He possesses the wisdom, experience and optimism that would make a great President.  We will miss him."

Senator John Kerry on Tom Vilsack’s Announcement

Below is a statement by Senator John Kerry on today’s announcement by Tom Vilsack:

“Tom and Christie should be very proud of the contribution they’ve made and will continue to make to the national debate and to the Democratic Party.  From day one Tom ran a campaign that helped put Iraq and energy independence front and center.  It’s no surprise that Tom emerged early as a powerful ‘ideas candidate’, which is exactly what he did as a governor leading on big ideas and pushing the curve of innovation.  They’re great leaders, great activists, and great friends.  Teresa and I congratulate Tom and his family, and know he will continue to fight for big ideas that work for all Americans, in 2008 and in the years to come.”