Washington Briefing: 2006 Values Voter Summit
Omni Shoreham Hotel -- September 22-24, 2006         Main Page >
September 22, 2006--Speaking at 2006 Values Voter Summit, Gov. Mike Huckbee (R-AR) a former pastor, declared, "I was not a person of politics who embraced faith, I was a person of faith who decided that we needed more of us in politics, and that's why I'm here."  Huckebee eschewed hot button language and presented an inclusive vision for advancing the social conservative goals:

"Let me suggest to you that the average American sitting at home tonight having dinner is not as concerned about the horizontal politics of left and right; that person is concerned about the vertical politics.  Are we lifting them up or are we going to bring them down?  And yes I'm a conservative, unapologetically a conservative, but I also know that an airplane with only one wing won't get off the ground, and I'm more concerned about making sure that without being labeled and stereotyped, that we prove to the world that as believers, as people of faith, that our primary mission is not to have an ideological position in politics, it's to change the world so that every man and woman and boy and girl can really experience and taste what true freedom is and all that it means, not just the freedom to speak out but the freedom within to be all that God ever created us to be." [transcript

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