Why is Mark Warner good?

Why do we think Mark Warner is good?  Because he's got a plan for the future of our country and he is exactly what this nation needs right now.  He's a true moderate who works well with Democrats, Republicans and Independents in order to achieve results.  The real issues we face as a nation are no longer right vs. left or conservative vs. liberal. They're about past vs. future, and Mark Warner can help us move forward together as a united America.

Mark Warner has what it takes to become the next great American President.  He's a "Red State Democrat" who has served as an extremely popular governor of a state that has storied tradition of producing presidents (Virginia has given us George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Woodrow Wilson and three other Presidents).  He's a man who has achieved remarkable results in health care reform, education reform and job creation.   Here's a short list of some of things that Mark was able to accomplish as Governor of Virginia:

Mark believes in this country's ability to innovate through science, technology and hard work.  Mark is the kind of person that we at the nation's helm as the world becomes increasingly smaller and flatter.  Mark is a visionary who will lead us toward energy independence.  He's also a leader who isnít burdened with conflicting votes and nuanced positions on Iraq.  Instead, he brings new ideas and solutions to the table.  Mark is a leader who will fight terrorism effectively, using all the tools at his disposal, including military force and diplomacy.

We believe that Mark Warner is also the only potential 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate who can effectively compete in all 50 states.  We're from Louisiana, and we think that Mark Warner can win in this state, even though Louisiana is a "red state" and the current President won Louisiana's electoral votes during the past two elections.

Is Mark Warner unhappy with the direction this country is heading?  Yes.  But you won't hear him running around bashing the current administration or the "presumptive" Democratic nominee for President.  Insted, you'll hear Mark Warner talk about new initiatives for this country.

Do we want Mark Warner to run for President in 2008?  Absolutely.  But even more important than a Warner candidacy and victory to us is this over-arching goalÖ to make progressive politics fashionable.  The views expressed for the remainder of this paragraph are ours, and not necessarily those of Governor Warner (although we suspect he would agree with most of our points).  We're talking about taking our country in a different direction, not just for four years, but for good. If you care more about job creation than you do about debating the merits of evolution, then letís do something about it.  If you believe that Iraq is a mess, and you want someone who can come in fresh ideas and clean things up, then letís do something about it.  And if you believe that we as Americans can collectively channel innovation and ingenuity and bring about an end to our oil addiction, then letís do something about it.  If you believe that itís completely unreasonable to expect someone to live off $5.15 an hour, letís do something about it.  And if you believe in the potential power of stem cell research, letís do something about it.  And if global warming makes you a little bit nervous, letís do something about it.

The progressive movement is open to members of all political parties and factions as well as people who donít care to join any party.  As Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner was an extremely popular Democrat in a Republican state.  His success illustrates that when we focus on results instead of ideology, we can push a progressive agenda forward as we work together to move beyond the bipartisan bickering and polarization that have marked the past six years.  So whether youíre a Democrat, Republican, Independent or something else, take a look at Mark Warner.  Our country needs to head a new direction, and Mark Warner can take us there.  The future is now, and Mark Warner is the ticket a brighter future.