Supporters of Other Democrats On the Web: Early Activity
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site since taken down
About Us: "We are a group of dedicated progressives who feel that it is IMPERATIVE that Congressman Dennis Kucinich run for President in 2008.  As of this, we have formed this online presence to serve as a focal point for the Draft Kucinich 2008 campaign."
Postal address in N. Wichita, KS.
"You are best-equipped to deliver an optimistic message that will appeal to fiscally-conservative yet socially-liberal people of my generation, as well as to the traditional Democratic voters and core constituencies.  Unlike many of your colleagues on both sides of the political aisle, from what I’ve seen, you’re NOT self-righteous . . . you’re
authentic, intelligent, and have good judgment."

"...our committee is NOT asking you to commit to a presidential candidacy at this point in time.  We simply want you to consider it over the course of the next year, and talk with Democratic leaders across the country. Make some visits to Iowa and New Hampshire, and when the Senate is out of session, go on a "Farm Tour" across the Midwest, Great Plains, and rural South."

-Excerpts from a lengthy open letter to Sen. Blanche Lincoln from site founder Tony Eichberger

About the Site:
Site still up but appears inactive; it seemed to run from March through November 2005.  (The first posting on the accompanying blog ( was March 22 and the last on November 13).

President of the Committee to Draft Blanche Lincoln for U.S. President is Tony Eichberger.  Here's his biography from the site (June 2006):

Tony Eichberger has identified as an Independent and been a strong voice for Independent voters since the age of 10.  He currently attends the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, majoring in Electronic Media and minoring in Political Science.  Tony has a wide range of experience with political editorial-writing, having been a regular contributing writer for The Tiger Times (his middle school newspaper), The Paw Print (his high school newspaper), and most recently, The Flip Side at UWEC.

In 2002, Tony volunteered for Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk’s gubernatorial campaign in the Democratic Primary to challenge Republican Governor Scott McCallum.  With the help of Dr. Omar Ali of Fordham University, Tony also founded the nation’s first student chapter of College Independents (as a counterpart to College Democrats and College Republicans), at UWEC, in October 2002.  He did some volunteering for both the Howard Dean and John Kerry campaigns during the 2004 presidential primaries, and volunteered for Kerry in the General Election against George W. Bush.

From 2001 to 2004, Tony ran “The Election 2004 Project,” a website designed as an online effort to popularize alternative presidential candidates in defiance of mainstream media bias.  Senator Blanche Lincoln was among the many potential Democratic, Republican, and Independent candidates profiled on his website.

Also listed on the site are Steven Lloyd Reed of Springfield, MO (Treasurer) and Mosemarie Boyd of Sacramento, CA (Chief Communications Consultant).  Reed is a Democratic activist who was a leader in the 2003 campaign to draft State Auditor Claire McCaskill to challenge incumbent Governor Bob Holden for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Missouri.  Boyd is president & CEO of the political action committee American Women Presidents, a PAC which seeks to promote female presidential and vice-presidential candidates.
"Your online center for news, views, and action alerts on Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, the next President of the United States"
In initial posting on May 31, 2005 the author writes:

Brian Schweitzer is easily the smartest, most inspiring Democrat I've ever heard.  And in my opinion, Democrats have had enough of mediocrity in the past few years.  It's time we decided that only the best will do for the highest office in the land.

And so this site aims to do what Aziz Poonawalla's DeanBlog did for Howard Dean (and is attempting to do for Hillary Clinton in 2008): serve as a meeting place for organization, chatter, and action regarding the ballooning movement to draft Brian Schweitzer for President.
Site taken down at some point in early 2006; author unknown.

From the main page:
Welcome to Boxer 2008, an unofficial website created as a resource for those Americans who support the idea of Senator Barbara Boxer running for President of the United States in 2008.

We are tired of the lies, the secrecy, and the dishonor that the Republicans have brought to America. We want a strong voice for freedom and truth in the White House, and we believe that Barbara Boxer is the one person best equipped to provide that voice.

This website is unofficial, in the sense that it is in no way affiliated with Senator Boxer or any of her associates. Boxer 2008 is not the creation of a campaign exploration committee or any committees of the Democratic Party. It is a purely grassroots effort, in keeping with the best traditions of progressive America.

At this time, Senator Boxer has not yet announced any intention of running for President in 2008. It is the purpose of this web site to give Americans a means through which they can urge her to become a Presidential candidate, and to support her campaign once it has begun.

Boxer 2008 is the first web site devoted to supporting the nomination of Barbara Boxer as the Democratic candidate for President, but we are confident that other web sites with a similar purpose will soon be created. We pledge to work with all organizations and publications supporting a Boxer for President campaign.

The need has never been greater, and a candidate has never been more promising.

In 2008, our vote will be: Barbara Boxer for President!
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