Romney for President, Inc.
"Tax Pledge"
60-second ad run in NH starting Oct. 5, 2007.

National Media, Inc.

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Romney:  It started in New Hampshire.  It's the Tax Pledge.

For years, conservative candidates for President signed their name on the dotted line pledging to oppose tax increases.

I'm Mitt Romney. I'm proud to be the only major candidate for President to sign the Tax Pledge.  The others have not.

I signed the Tax Pledge because I want everyone to know where I stand.  We've got to get taxes down and grow our economy.

I believe it's not fair that you have to pay taxes when you earn your money, when you save your money, and when you die.

That's why I'll kill the death tax once and for all and roll back tax rates across the board.

And savings?  When I'm President, for every middle class American, the new tax rate on your interest, dividends, and capital gains will be absolutely zero.

I stood firm to roll back taxes as Governor. I'll roll back taxes as President.

I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message because on taxes Change Begins With Us."

Announcer:  "Paid for by Romney for President" 


Notes: The Huckabee campaign found fault with this ad and issued a press release on Oct. 6 that stated in part:
Huckabee signed the pledge on Friday, March 2, 2007 at the annual conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. and delivered it to ATR President Grover Norquist. 

"Gov. Huckabee signed the ATR pledge.  He signed on the dotted line seven months ago because he wants people to know where he stands on the issues and he has no problem pledging not to raise income tax rates at the federal level," said Huckabee Press Secretary Alice Stewart.  "Gov. Romney needs to do his homework before he goes out and makes claims of standing alone in signing this pledge when Gov. Huckabee has received praise from ATR for his support of reining in federal taxes."