2008 Presidential Campaign Literature
With assistance from Mike Dec, 4president.org

From the DNC Winter Meeting, Feb. 2, 2007.

"Strong Leadership for America's Future"
This booklet was produced specifically for the DNC Meeting.  It opened with a two-page letter from Kucinich and included four texts/speeches and five bills:

-There is Only One Way to Win the War in Iraq  December 6, 2006
-Iraq 12 Point Plan  January, 2007
-Prayer for America  February 17, 2002
-Announcement of Candidacy Democratic Nomination for President of the United States  December 12, 2007

H.R. 950 Abolition of All Nuclear Weapons
H.R. 676 Universal Single Payer Healthcare
H.R. 6114 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program
H.R. 5054 Infrastructure Funding
H.R. 4923 To Abolish the Death Penalty


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