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50,000+ square-foot demonstration zone located in Pepsi Center parking lot A "with a stage and amplification system - where demonstrators and the general public can express views within sight and sound of delegates entering the Pepsi Center and Invesco Field at Mile High.  Delegates can choose to come within eight feet of the public viewing area if they want."
Events: A listing reprinted from Recreate 68 (Aug. 17)
Press releases: City and County of Denver, Denver Joint Information Center
ACLU of Colorado
Permits (apply Mar. 3 - Aug. 11, 2008) [PDF]

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DNC Disruption 08
DNC Disruption 08 is an online clearinghouse for radical and progressive groups organizing against the Democratic National Convention.

Tent State University
Tent State University is a model, not an organization.
Young people across the country have used this model to take back their campuses and their communities. This August we are using this model during the Democratic National Convention in Denver to reclaim our future. Our future will not be cannon fodder for these parties' wars. We will reclaim and define what "Hope" and "Change" mean to us.

In a sea of tents, Tent State University will be erected in City Park, Denver. Tent State will serve as an alternative university, teaching the tactics and strategies necessary to force an end to this war, hosting guest 'professors' such as Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney, and hold the Town Halls used to allow everyone the ability to democratically decide the days direction.

Tent State will serve as the music venue for the first radical music festival, the Tent State Music Festival, hosting artists such as Jello Biafra, The Coup, and some very special guests. It will host an unending list of activities and installations, such as the WARGAMES Anti-War Fashion show which aims to highlight the consequences of war on women, and Backbone Campaign's "Funeral for the Past" installation.

Most importantly, Tent State will serve as basecamp for activists and organizations to strategize, stage, and execute actions from throughout the week. It will also house first aid tents by the Colorado Street Medics, drop off points for social media, and other tools. Check out the Schedule of Actions link.

Tent State University at the DNC is part of the Alliance for Real Democracy which includes local and national groups as diverse as United for Peace and Justice, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Indigenous Support Network, local SDS chapters, World Can't Wait, CODEPINK, and others.

Alliance for Real Democracy

The Alliance for Real Democracy is a nonviolent, transparent coalition of progressiveand radical groups that will organize global justice and peace events and protests at the Democratic National Convention in August 2008. Our goals are to help coordinate the local and national advocacy groups planning to attend the DNC, to foster a spirit of cooperation with one another, and to create a schedule of events that respects the time and distances between events. We hope that working together in this way will create the roots necessary to begin the process of moving into the future as a cooperative and cohesive national Movement for a more peaceful and just world.

Recreate 68

The Recreate 68 Alliance is a group of local activists who will be acting as a clearing house in order to disseminate information for resistance so the power of the people can be expressed as loudly as possible!

The R68 Alliance is made up of activists locally known as the All Nations Alliance. The All Nations Alliance sponsored the Denver City Council resolution that made Denver the first major city in the country to take a stand in opposition to the Patriot Act and was also instrumental in exposing the Denver Spy Files and the JTTF’s and FBI’s role in those files, in addition to organizing numerous anti-war, anti-racism, anti-imperialism rallies actions and protest, including the G-8 protest in Denver!

We believe that actions can best be coordinated by local grassroots efforts. We encourage national organizations’ efforts during the convention, but we ask that you please respect the proud and rich history of organized resistance that exists in Colorado.

Uncoventional Action (MySpace)

Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians: join us in Denver, Colorado, August 24th-28th as we engage in coordinated Direct Actions against the Democratic National Convention, its corporate sponsors, and the military/police occupation of public space.  Respecting diverse tactics and the autonomy of affinity groups and individuals, Unconventional Action has created the following framework to maximize our impact as we disrupt the DNC.
Unconventional Action's strategy at the Democratic National Convention will hold the Democratic Party accountable for promoting unjust policies: environmental degradation, the enforcement of arbitrary borders, attacks on the poor, complacency in war, and racist policing. We will expose to the nation that the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin, both parties funded by the same corporations and upholding the same unjust political system which fails to meet the needs of the vast majority of people.   Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians are urged to engage in a broad variety of tactics to disrupt fundraising events and prevent Democratic delegates from voting for no-choice candidates. Unconventional Action will honor and support autonomous actions while coordinating a highly publicized assault on the pageantry, violence, and abuses of the Democrats and the two-party capitalist system.

Unconventional Action will target a variety of the 1,500 proposed fundraisers, countless delegate hotels, and designated institutions perpetuating global injustice. Using space reclamation, street theatre,  direct confrontation, positive action, and a broad array of other tactics, we will force the national media to question the Democratic Party's failures, hold Democratic candidates accountable for their abuses of power, and engage in direct actions that reflect our ultimate goals of joy and liberation through creativity and confrontation. 

Unconventional Action
Unconventional Action is an emerging network aiming to complement the work of local organizers in Denver and the Twin Cities with regional organizing throughout the rest of the country. Our goal is to build a horizontal, inclusive framework for protests that will disrupt the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions. We are currently organizing meetings, propaganda, and consultas in our communities and encourage those in other regions to do the same.

We aim to organize militant direct action that manifests opposition to both the Democratic and Republican Parties. As anti-authoritarians, we oppose so-called representational politics, but even those who still believe in it must understand that we can only have leverage over our rulers by showing our own power, that we must back our demands by demonstrating that we can interfere with their business as effectively as they interfere with our lives.

People's Law Project
The DNC People's Law Project was formed by the Colorado Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild to ensure peoples' rights to peacefully assemble and protest at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. We are a legal collective of lawyers, legal workers, and law students united for the purpose of defending the rights of demonstrators who bring a message of social justice to the 2008 DNC.

From August 25 - 28, 2008, thousands of delegates, corporate boosters, public officials, and media professionals will descend upon Denver to nominate the Democrats' presidential candidate.

While the spindoctors discuss the latest polls, another America will be in the streets raising their voices on issues rarely mentioned in televised "debates" or candidates' speeches such as:
Recent conventions have seen citizens penned into caged areas called Free Speech Zones in the name of security. Today, the media laud a "youth movement" that is heading to the polls for inspirational candidates like Barack Obama. But when these same young people gather in the streets, they are often treated like potential terrorists.

Federal and local law enforcement assume that peaceful activists pose a security risk. Consistent with Bush policy, they've taken a
preemptive approach to the perceived threat by suppressing speech before anything illegal occurs. For decades, the Denver Police Department conducted undercover surveillance and maintained "Spy Files" on local activists who were engaged in peaceful organizing around war, US foreign policy, immigrant rights and police brutality. The new, militarized approach to suppressing dissent has been documented in National Lawyers Guild publications like Punishing Protest.

The Denver Police Department and the Denver City Attorney have promised that protesters accused of breaking any law will be arrested. The City's refusal to adopt a more reasonable policy of citing non-violent offenders and release them on summons will likely lead to a strain on limited City and County resources and infringements upon citizens' constitutional rights. (
See "Mass arrests at Democratic Convention?" Denver Post, May 1, 2008).

Our mission is to provide mass defense and legal observing for all demonstrators who request our help. The People's Law Project is currently developing strategies for the mass defense of protesters, establishing systems to collect evidence of police misconduct, and coordinating with other legal advocacy and community groups. The NLG People's Law Project encourages law enforcement and activists to engage in peaceful behavior. The NLG People's Law Project is not involved in the planning or promotion of any particular demonstrations, marches, rallies, or protests at the 2008 DNC in Denver.

Crash the Conventions
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