Iowa Democratic Party - Organization, Jan. 2008
Headquarters: 5661 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, IA  50321
updated Dec. 18, 2007
Chairman Scott Brennan
(elected Dec. 2, 2006)  Practiced law with the Davis Brown Law Firm, and served as the firm's president.  Brennan has served a number of terms on the Polk County Democratic Central Committee and has served as president of the Twenty-First Century Forum.  Graduated from University of Iowa law school in 1993.  Worked for Sen. Tom Harkin in Washington, DC, 1987-90.  Undergraduate degree from Grinnell College.  Native of Indianola.
Executive Director Mike Milligan
(Started as interim executive director in Nov. 2004)  Also owner of Shane’s Rib Shack in Clive, opened in March 2007, and owner of Milligan Consulting, LLC.  Deputy campaign manager on the 2002 Vilsack-Pederson gubernatorial campaign.  Director, Iowa Governor’s Office on Volunteerism; executive director of Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service.  Worked on Sen. Tom Harkin's 1996 re-election campaign.  B.A. in communication studies and political science from Iowa State University, 1997.  Native of Wellsburg, Iowa (Grundy County).
Political Director Norm Sterzenbach
(announced Dec. 5, 2006)  Most recently served as deputy campaign manager for Chet Culver's successful gubernatorial campaign.   In 2004 he served as caucus director for the American Association of Retired People (AARP).  In 2000 he served as the eastern Iowa field director on Bill Bradley’s campaign.  Native of Cedar Rapids.
Caucus to Convention Manager  Brendan Summers
Graduate of All America PAC's Camp Bayh program.
Field Director Jeanette Ward

Field Organizer Craig Muenzer

Rural Organizer Josh Robinson

Outreach Coordinators Lia Brown
Jesus Estrada

House Campaign Director Kevin Boyd

House Campaign Deputy Adam Phillips

Senate Campaign Director  Amber Pringnitz

Communications Director Carrie Giddins
(started Feb. 2007) Most recently served as deputy communications director for EMILY’s List.  In 2004 Giddins served as the deputy communications director for John Kerry in the general election in Iowa.  B.A. from Skidmore College in upstate New York. 2004 Graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.  Native of New York City.
Press Secretary Chris Allen

Researcher and Press Assistant David Frost

Director of Information Technology Bill Freeland

Information Technology Assistant Drew Miller

Finance Director Carissa Swanstrom

Senate Finance Director Zach Cummings

Finance Assistant Melanie Scott

Comptroller Melissa Watson

Office Manager Donna Latessa

State Central Committee
Chair - Scott Brennan 
1st Vice Chair - Sarah Swisher 
2nd Vice Chair - Phyllis Thede 
Treasurer - Ken Sagar 
Secretary - Dori Rammelsberg-Dvorak 

DNC Members
Richard Machacek 
Sandy Opstvedt 

First District
Michael D. Blackwell 
Susan Frembgen 
Audrey Linville 
Jerry Lynch 
Jean Pardee 
Phil Specht 

Second District
Bonnie Eggers 
Brian Flaherty 
Jennifer Lunsford 
James Moody 
Norm Sterzenbach 
Lynda Waddington 

Third District
Nina Amjed 
Doug Bishop 
Dave Campbell 
Joseph Jones 
Tammy Kesterson 
Dori Rammelsberg-Dvorak 

Fourth District
Becky Greenwald 
Tom Harrington 
Kim Motl 
Chris Petersen 
Don Ruby 
Linda Vaudt 

Fifth District
Bob Dodder 
Jody Ewing 
Jean Hartwell 
Rick Mullin 
Dave Neas 
Peggy Smalley 

Affirmative Action Chair
Paula A. Martinez 

Platform Committee Chair
Bill Brauch 

Rules Committee Chair
Al Bohanan 

American Indian Caucus Representative

Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus Representative
Bruno VanLo 
Mohammed Amjed 

Black Caucus Representative
Ako Abdul-Samad 
Michael D. Blackwell 

Disability Caucus Representative
Mary McGee 
Carol Porch 

Gay/Lesbian Caucus Representative
Paul Osterholt 
Andrew Kieffert 

Latino Caucus Representative
Mary E. Campos 
Angel Gonzalez 

Iowa Young Democratic Representative
Hans Lindell 
Ebonee Woods 

Veteran's Caucus Representative
Bob Krause 
Al Fur 

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