Barack Obama-Organization, Florida
updated December 1, 2007


Ashley Walker
hired Aug. 2007 (see St. Petersburg Times "The Buzz" on Aug. 3, 2007) is in line to work in Florida; currently serving as deputy to political director Matt Nugen in Chicago.  Walker managed Jeremy Ring (D-Margate)'s successful 2006 campaign for State Senate.

On July 20, 2007 the campaign announced 35 members of its Florida Advisory Council.

The Florida Advisory Council for Senator Obama includes:

Robert Wexler US Congressman ( Boca Raton)

State Legislators
Larcenia Bullard Senator ( Miami)
Tony Hill Senator ( Jacksonville)
Jeremy Ring Senator ( Margate)

Loranne  Ausley Representative ( Tallahassee)
Ronald Brise Representative ( North Miami)
Charles Chestnut IV Representative ( Gainesville)
Audrey Gibson Representative ( Jacksonville)
Frank Peterman Representative ( St. Petersburg)
Curtis Richardson Representative ( Tallahassee)
Michael Scionti Representative ( Tampa)
Perry Thurston Representative ( Plantation)

Local Elected Officials
Clarence Anthony Mayor ( South Bay)
Oscar Braynon, II Vice Mayor ( Miami Gardens)
Beverly Burney- School Board Member ( Jacksonville)
John Dailey Leon County Commissioner ( Tallahassee)
Andrew Gillum Commissioner ( Tallahassee)
Roy Gold Vice Mayor ( Coral Springs)
Addie Green Commissioner ( Palm Beach County)
Mia Jones Councilmember ( Jacksonville)
Allan Katz Commissioner ( Tallahassee)
Jeff Koons Commissioner ( Palm Beach County)
Daisy Lynum Commissioner (Orlando)
Carl McKoy Commissioner ( Boynton Beach)
Gwen Miller Councilmember ( Tampa)
Carlton Moore Vice Mayor ( Ft. Lauderdale)
Mary Mulhern Councilmember ( Tampa)
Frank Reddick Council Member ( Tampa)

Former Elected Officials
Mike Abrams Former Representative ( Miami)
Chip Fletcher Former Councilmember ( Tampa)
Les Miller Former Senator ( Tampa)
Chip Moore Former Councilmember ( Ft. Lauderdale)

Bob Poe Former State Party Chair ( Tallahassee)
Screven Watson Former State Party Chair ( Tallahassee)

Frank Sanchez Former US Assistant Secretary of Transportation ( Tampa)
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