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Jan. 21, 2009--Newly elected DNC chairman Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) said he will work to (a) promote the President's agenda, (b) carry the proud banner of a proud party, and (c) engage people in new ways and broaden the coalition for change.  "Everybody matters," Kaine said.  "Every state, every region and every community."  Kaine said the party would "do some new things," but that "the 50-state strategy is now and forever what Democrats do."  (prepared remarks

One new thing for the Democrats will be Organizing for America, which will work with the DNC organizing in support of President Obama's agenda.  Obama announced formation of Organizing for America on January 17.   ed. note:  on January 23 a couple of key staff were announced.
DNC members also elected other officers, including Jane Stetson of Norwich, VT as national finance chair.
After the meeting, Kaine fielded reporters' questions.

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