2008 Democratic National Convention
Denver, Colorado  August 25-28, 2008
Front Page Coverage of:
Day Before
Aug. 24, 2008
(Aug. 25 Newspapers)

Day One
Aug. 25, 2008
(Aug. 26 Newspapers)
Day Two
Aug. 26, 2008
(Aug. 27 Newspapers)

Day Three
Aug. 27, 2008
(Aug. 28 Newspapers)

Day Four
Aug. 28, 2008
(Aug. 29 Newspapers)

Summary: Based on an "at a glance" look at a number of front pages, the closing of the Beijing Olympic games was the lead story in many of Monday morning's papers.  A significant number of papers did run convention "stage setters" on the front page; a few ran articles about the state delegation.  Photos included various shots of preparations in Pepsi Center as well as of Obama campaigning in Wisconsin on his way towards Denver.  NEWSEUM


New York Times
(Late Edition)
"Anxious Party Hopes to Show Strong Obama" - Adam Nagourney.
...on the fold
"Blacks Debate Civil Rights Risk in Obama's Rise" - Rachel L. Swarns.
Workers putting up  the Delaware sign in Pepsi Center. - Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images.

Washington Post (Final Edition) "Party Unity Topes Agenda For Democrats"
-"Obama Heads to Denver Via Key States" - Shailagh Murray and Anne E. Kornblutt (WP).
-"Experience Is Double-Edged Sword for The Ticket" [about Biden] - Jonathan Weisman (WP).
[photo closing of Beijing Olympic games]

Los Angeles Times [lead article Beijing Olympic games]
[photo closing of Beijing Olympic games]

...below the fold
1. "Gala's big donors happen to have issues of their own" Tom Hamburger and Vimal Patel (LAT).
2. "'Part celebration and part anxiety'" - Mark Z. Barabak (LAT).
Wide shot of Obama, audience at Wisconsin rally. - Joe Raedle, Getty.

Boston Globe "Seeking unity, Obama confronts divergent audiences"
-"Small college awakened future senator to service" - Scott Helman (BG).
-"Convention faces shifting challenges" - Sasha Issenberg (BG).
[main photo is closing of Beijing Olympic games]
MCU of Obama campaiging in Eau Claire, WI. - Alex Brandon, AP.

Chicago Tribune "Obama's wife looks to set the tone / In opening speech mother, lawyer faces task of defining herself" - Dahleen Glanton (Trib.).
Amid bustle of convention an examination of being American - Dawn Turner Trice (Trib.).

Small photo of Obama art in a gallery. - Michael Tercha, Tribune.

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