2008 Democratic National Convention
Denver, Colorado  August 25-28, 2008
Front Page Coverage of:
Day Before
Aug. 24, 2008
(Aug. 25 Newspapers)

Day One
Aug. 25, 2008
(Aug. 26 Newspapers)
Day Two
Aug. 26, 2008
(Aug. 27 Newspapers)

Day Three
Aug. 27, 2008
(Aug. 28 Newspapers)

Day Four
Aug. 28, 2008
(Aug. 29 Newspapers)

Summary: Based on an "at a glance" look at a number of front pages, most papers led with Michelle Obama's address and put Sen. Kennedy's address in a secondary position, but still on the front page.  Photos of Michelle Obama were larger, showed more (i.e. medium shots, frequently with daughters Sasha and Malia) and were in the dominant position; photos of Kennedy tended to be head and shoulders shots run smaller and lower on the page.  A couple of papers put articles on Clinton and possible disunity on the front page.  NEWSEUM


Denver Post and Politico
"MICHELLE'S VIEW / Barack Obama's wife paints a personal portrait of senator on opening night" - Michael Riley (DP).
Medium wide shot of Michelle at the podium waving and a sea of blue Michelle signs held by delegates. - Andy Cross, The Denver Post.

...below the fold
"Clinton's troops not in step amid march to unity" - Chuck Plunkett, Jessica Fender and Allison Sherry (DP).
"Protest zone a lonely place" (uncredited paragraph accompanying photo)
...below the fold
MCU of Sen. Kennedy speaking and gesturing. - Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post.
Bottom of page: Medium wide shot of solo protester on knees holding loudspeaker facing fencing. - Sean Miller, Special to The Denver Post.

Rocky Mountain News

New York Times
(Late Edition)
-"KENNEDY ON STAGE, As Convention Opens Obama's Wife Cites Family Values" - Adam Nagourney.
-"As the Party Steps Forward, So Does G.O.P." - Jim Rutenberg
Wide shot of Michelle, Sasha and Malia on stage talking with Barack Obama who is seen on screen via remote hookup. - Todd Heisler, New York Times.
Tiny MCU of Sen. Kennedy.

Washington Post (Final Edition) "Obama's Family Night Out"
"After Kennedy Electrifies Crowd, the Would-Be First Lady Calls on Democrats to 'Stop Doubting' and 'Start Dreaming'" - Jonathan Weisman (WP).
...on the fold
"Obama Signaled Early That He Was Unlikely To Choose Ex-Rival" - Anne E. Kornblutt (WP).
Medium wide shot of Michelle, Sasha and Malia, delegates, signs. - Susan Biddle, The Washington Post.

...on the fold
Tiny headshot of Clinton.

...below the fold
"For Those From Swing States, The Watchword Is...Worry" - Alex MacGillis and Paul Kane (WP).
...below the fold
MCU of Sen. Kennedy speaking. - Reuters.

Los Angeles Times "Obama is cast as an everyman" - Mark Z. Barabak (LAT).

...on the fold
"A rift persists despite calls for unity" - Peter Wallsten and Peter Nicholas (LAT).
Medium shot, tight crop, of Michelle, Sasha and Malia on stage. -Jay L. Clendenin, Los Angeles Times.
Small MCU of Sen. Kennedy. - Jay L. Clendenin, Los Angeles Times.

Boston Globe "Democrats share their dreams"
-"'The torch will be passed again,' Kennedy vows to jubilant convention" - Susan Mulligan (BG).
-"Reaching back to her Chicago roots Obama tells an American story" - Scott Helman (BG).
Two photos run equal size, square aspect, side by side:
MCU of Sen. Kennedy speaking. - Yoon S. Byun, Boston Globe.
MCU of Michelle Obama speaking. -
Yoon S. Byun, Boston Globe.

...below the fold
Small photo of Obama playing cards. - Larry Downing, Reuters.

Chicago Tribune "Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention: "Fight for the world as it should be"
"On opening night, Obama's wife becomes advocate-in-chief" - Jim Tankersley (Trib.).
[Right column] "Why the GOP has a crush on Hillary" - John Kass (Trib.)
CU of Michelle Obama addressing the convention. - Chip Somodevilla, Getty.
Small MCU of Sen. Kennedy. - Paul J. Richards, Getty/AFP.

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