2008 Democratic National Convention
Denver, Colorado  August 25-28, 2008
Front Page Coverage of:
Day Before
Aug. 24, 2008
(Aug. 25 Newspapers)

Day One
Aug. 25, 2008
(Aug. 26 Newspapers)
Day Two
Aug. 26, 2008
(Aug. 27 Newspapers)

Day Three
Aug. 27, 2008
(Aug. 28 Newspapers)

Day Four
Aug. 28, 2008
(Aug. 29 Newspapers)

Summary: Based on an "at a glance" look at a number of front pages, Sen. Clinton's speech was the big news to come out of the Convention on Tuesday.  NEWSEUM


Denver Post and Politico
"THE TEAM PLAYER / Clinton brings delegates to their feet in hopes of pulling them together for Obama" - Michael Riley (DP).
MCU head-on shot of Sen. Clinton speaking, mouth open, fist forward.  Photo is run very large with a tight vertical crop. - John Leyba, The Denver Post.

...below the fold
"Clinton faithful face harsh reality: Time to move on" - Allison Sherry (DP).
"Salazar among those selected for nomination speeches"
...below the fold
Bottom of page: Head shot of Sen. Salazar.

Rocky Mountain News
"Team Obama / Clinton exhorts supporters to back former rival"
Medium shot from behind shows Sen. Clinton speaking with a sea of signs (Obama, Hillary, Unity) in front of her.  Photo is run full page (tabloid) so one can see the words on the teleprompter. - no photo credit on page.

New York Times
(Late Edition)
"Clinton Rallies Her Troops to Fight for Obama / Bid to Mend Rift - Aims Barbs at McCain" - Patrick Healy.
Medium wide shot of Sen. Clinton waving, signs blurry in background (most readable one is "Unity"). - Damon Winter, New York Times.

Washington Post (Final Edition) "'Barack Obama Is My Candidate' / Clinton Urges Support, Calls for Party Unity" - Dan Balz (WP).
Medium wide shot of Sen. Clinton speaking, both arms outstretched; several "Unity" signs and an Obama sign in the foreground.

...below the fold
"Many Clinton Supporters Say Speech Didn't Heal Divisions" - Eli Saslow (WP).
"Obama's Response Ad Reflects Lessons of 2004" - Jonathan Weisman (WP).
Note: Also small headshots of Mark Warner and Bill Clinton on side of page.

Los Angeles Times "Clinton calls on her party to end its rift" - Mark Z. Barabak (LAT).
'[News Analysis] So far, Obama's agenda a no-show" - Doyle McManus and Robin Abcarian (LAT).
Medium wide shot of Sen. Clinton waving, daughter Chelsea clapping, crowd with signs blurry in background. - Jay L. Clendenin, Los Angeles Times.

Boston Globe "An impassioned call for unity / Clinton tells party Obama 'must be our president'" - Susan Milligan (BG).
MCU of Sen. Clinton speaking, right arm raised. - Yoon S. Byum, Boston Globe.

...below the fold
"Dueling words from past, present governors" [photo header]
...below the fold
Mitt Romney - Yoon S. Byum, Boston Globe.
Deval Patrick - Dina Rudick, Boston Globe.

Chicago Tribune
(Chicago Final)
"Did she sell it? Clinton takes the stage to rally her supporters behind Obama: 'We are on the same team'" - Jim Tankersley (Trib.).
MCU of Sen. Clinton speaking, both arms raised in front of her to emphasize point. - Mark Wilson, Getty.

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