Oppo: Iowa Democratic Party Targets Republican Presidential Prospects
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In August 2007 the IDP duo of Giddins and Allen sent out just 22 releases targeting the Republican candidates, but it appears they took a vacation in the latter part of the month.  Scorecard: Giuliani 4, Romney 4, Huckabee 3, FThompson 3, McCain 2, TThompson 1, Multi 5...Total 22.
August 2007
Wed. Aug. 1
Thurs. Aug. 2
Fri. Aug. 3 a) Club for Growth Exposes Mike Huckabee's Hypocrisy
b) Iowa Specific Questions as the Republican Candidates Debate in Des Moines
Sat. Aug. 4
Sun. Aug. 5 Republican Debate Offers No New Ideas for Iowa
Mon. Aug. 6 a) Giuliani's Mistakes in 30 Seconds, Today: Incompetence in Failing to Make New York City Homeland Secure 
b) McCain Attempts to Revive Failing Iowa Campaign, (One Trip Won't Do It Senator)
Tues. Aug. 7 a) Ahead of Straw Poll, Giuliani Claims Support Is Growing, Attempts to Mislead Iowans and Reporters with Recycled Endorsements and Positions
b) Republicans Voting in Straw Poll This Weekend, (But They Really Wish "None of the Above" Was a Choice on the Ballot)
Wed. Aug. 8 How Many Ways Can You Say Flip-Flop?, And Romney, We Don't Mean "I Changed"
Thurs. Aug. 9 a) Ames Straw Poll Amusement, In Case the Candidates Aren't Enough, IDP Releases Over/Under Odds for the Republican Straw Poll 
b) "Huckabee: Dems Would Label Romney a Flip-Flopper," (We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves Mike) 
Fri. Aug. 10
Sat. Aug. 11
Sun. Aug. 12
Mon. Aug. 13 Republican Presidential Field "Thompson-Less" Will Anyone Notice? 
Tues. Aug. 14 a) Iowa "Meaningless" to McCain, But McCain Speaks at Iowa State Fair Today 
b) IDP Calls on Romney to Divest Himself from Sudan, Iowa Adopted Sudan Divestment Plan This Year 
Wed. Aug. 15 Giuliani's Immigration Smokescreen, Former Mayor Has No Plan to Deal with Illegal Immigrants in United States 
Thurs. Aug. 16 a) Fred Thompson Brings His Non-Candidacy to Iowa Tomorrow, It's Your Chance to Ask About His Opposition to Ethanol!
b) Giuliani's Latest Flip-Flop, Mayor Opposed School Prayer, Presidential Candidate Supports 
Fri. Aug. 17 Fred Thompson - The New Pander Bear (At Least It Will Be Cooler At the Fair Today)
Sat. Aug. 18
Sun. Aug. 19
Mon. Aug. 20
Tues. Aug. 21
Wed. Aug. 22
Thurs. Aug. 23
Fri. Aug. 24
Sat. Aug. 25
Sun. Aug. 26
Mon. Aug. 27
Tues. Aug. 28 a) Gonzales Resigns Under Cloud of Suspicion  Leading Republicans Still Support Him!
b) Huckabee Holds Meet and Greet In Iowa Tomorrow, Another Chance to Avoid Discussing Foreign Policy
Wed. Aug. 29 Huckabee Proud to Be A "Lackey" of Wal-Mart 
Thurs. Aug. 30 a) Another Romney Ad, Another Attempt to Mislead Iowans 
b) Thompson Needs Another Week to Think Things Over, Was It His Poor Reception at the Iowa State Fair?
Fri. Aug. 31

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