Oppo: Iowa Democratic Party Targets Republican Presidential Prospects
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Republican presidential candidates spent just 16 days campaigning in Iowa in September  2007.  The Iowa Democratic Party's team of commucations director Carrie Giddins and press secretary Chris Allen got off to a fast start, sending out 11 releases in the first ten days, but the pace slowed markedly thereafter.  Scorecard: FThompson 7, Romney 5, McCain 3, Giuliani 1...Total 16.
September 2007
Sat. Sept. 1
Sun. Sept. 2
Mon. Sept. 3 a) Is Fred Thompson Delaying His Announcement to Avoid the Label - Labor Enemy #1?
b) Romney to Spend Labor Day Dodging His Record? 
Tues. Sept. 4
Wed. Sept. 5 a) The Day Is Finally Here, Well Almost! But Will Fred Be Able to Sustain This Grueling Pace?
b) Surprise! Romney Fails to Tell the Whole Truth in Latest Ad
Thurs. Sept. 6 a) A Question for Fred Thompson
b) The Many Acting Credits of Fred Thompson, Movies That Could Have Been 
Fri. Sept. 7 a) Fred Thompson: Consistent Conservative or Merely Acting Like It? When the Cameras Stop Rolling, Thompson Betrays Republican Positions
b) Romney Tax Plan Promotion Is Perfect Example of Old Mitt Versus New Mitt 
Sat. Sept. 8 a) Romney Tax Reality Check: More Americans Will Have to Open Their Checkbooks 
b) How Important Is Osama Bin Laden to Fred Thompson? (Depends on the Time of Day)
Sun. Sept. 9
Mon. Sept. 10 Previewing John McCain's Trip to Iowa: Senator Will Promise Four More Years of Same Failed Policies 
Tues. Sept. 11
Wed. Sept. 12 McCain Continues to Ignore Reality, Yet Again Tells Americans to Give Bush More Time in Iraq 
Fri. Sept. 14
Sat. Sept. 15
Sun. Sept. 16
Mon. Sept. 17
Tues. Sept. 18 Giuliani Substitutes Radio Ad for Iowa Face Time 
Wed. Sept. 19 Romney Presents His Version of "Change" Then Why Does It Look So Much Like George Bush's America?
Thurs. Sept. 20
Fri. Sept. 21
Sat. Sept. 22
Sun. Sept. 23
Mon. Sept. 24
Tues. Sept. 25
Wed. Sept. 26
Thurs. Sept. 27
Fri. Sept. 28 Fred Thompson to Speak Before Iowa Christian Alliance, Hopefully They Won't Take a Close Look at His Record 
Sat. Sept. 29
Sun. Sept. 30
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